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Now you can watch online videos by Dr. Sahaj Joshi. By watching these videos you can easily know about your diseases.

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Dr. Sahaj Joshi, Homeopathic Doctor. Takes your online treatment. Either you are Indian patient or International patient.

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While your online treatment is going on. If you needed homeopathic medicines,so we will easily deliver you through postal services.

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He solved my whole problem within a time period of 7 days, i am really happy with the doctor. Treatment rates are even reasonable allows every one pocket.. Guys trust me he really awesome doctor. Thanks a lot Dr.Sahaj Joshi. Highly Recommended.
Deep Chandra
Result oriented treatment with perfect result Thanks a lot Dr sahaj sir. Best homeopathic doctor in haldwani
Prachi Turah
Dr sahaj Joshi sir best homoeopathic doctor in Haldwani for all sorts of problems. He treated my long suffering from skin problems. Thanks Dr sahaj sir. Highly recommended.
Ravi Arya
We are glad to have found Dr.Sahaj when we were looking at alternative medicines to resolve any health issues of our family members. Thanks a lot Dr.Sahaj Joshi
Shekhar Pant

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